I am a freelance anime artist who loves drawing beautiful men and pretty boys! Welcome to my commission page!If you have questions or inquiries about something not included here, drop me a DM on social media (preferably Twitter) or email to eeveetachi.art(at)gmail.com!SLOT AVAILABILITY:
Illustration: CLOSED
Vtuber model: CLOSED

Illustration commission

Status: CLOSEDIf interested, contact via DM on social media (preferably Twitter) or email to eeveetachi.art (at) gmail.com
NSFW: please ask!
Payment upfront via PayPal invoice


Base price $80
Each additional character $60
Full background N/A


Base price $120
(Includes basic background such as: clouds, simple background elements for the character to interact with)
Each additional character $90
Full background $50 - $100 (depending on complexity)

Full body

Base price $160
Each additional character $120
Full background $60 - $100+ (depending on complexity)

Character design (possible for all types of commission)
$40 - $100
The price depending on the commission type, the amount of reference provided and the amount of designing required (e.g. lowest price: redesign of existing design, outfit for an existing character; highest price: a character design from the scratch from text description only)
Character design entails more communication and more possible changes throughout the process
Examples of my OC designs (my personal OCs):

Vtuber model commission

Status: CLOSED

Model showcased: FORTE (my personal model)

I offer full body Vtuber model, rigged with basic expressions (including blushing face)
I can also do a rig of an existing model art, provided it is properly separated!
$900 + additional fees for bonus expressions (payment can be split in two, for art and for rig separately)
$250 for half-body model; $300 for full body model
I can do:
Male and female humanoid characters
Anthro characters in kemono style
With any questions please DM on Twitter or ask via email!

Terms of Service

For all types of commission:
Payment upfront, no refunds. The commissioner has the right to personal use of the commission as well as reposting on any platform.
Repurposing the commissioned artwork as any kind of non-fungible token is prohibited.
For illustration commissions:
If the commission is intended for commercial use, additional fees will apply.
For Vtuber model commissions:
The model can be used for commercial purposes (e.g. monetized streams/videos).